Talks about AX in the Czech republic

This post is primarily intended for the Czech mutation of this blog, but I’m not going to discriminate against anybody, right?

Although I already work abroad for few years, I come to the Czech republic several times a year and I’m still in touch with many former colleagues. Sometimes I get questions about Dynamics AX and requests to show in better details something what I mentioned on the blog or so.

Because many things may be interesting for more people, it occurred to me that I could discuss some of them publicly. And if somebody else had the same tendency, we could make one more step forward and, say, organize some regular meetings where everybody could present their ideas, discuss problems and so on.

From me, you could expect mainly talks about programming, integration of AX and .NET and application lifecycle management. Concretely, I recently got few questions about using Powershell to administer Dynamics AX and about Team Foundation Server – these would likely be my first topics.

Because most potential participants live in Prague, and because I always pass through Prague, I would do it there. We could consider other even places in future, but it would be a pointless debate in the moment.

If you would like to participate on something like that and/or you have any related idea, please let me know (you can leave a comment here or send me an e-mail to goshoom at goshoom dot net. What will happen next depends on your interest.