Have you already heard about Curah!? It’s a web site where you can group, comment and share links to useful resources about a technical issues. Curations may be useful for their authors (so they can find related resources on a single place), but they will be especially helpful for those who are new to a particular topic.

If you want to know more, look at Curah! FAQ and, for something more AX-oriented, AX Content: Curating Microsoft Dynamics AX Resources.

It’s also helpful to see some examples. This is from Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics AX: Companion apps. And this is my humble contribution so far: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: AIF and Web Services.

Update 13.5.2017: Microsoft’s plans with Curah! didn’t live long; it was discontinued quite soon and replaced with There was a redirect of links, but it seems that now the whole site is down even with redirects. You can find the list of links for AIF here.