I’ve developed several useful tools during my career in Dynamics AX. Some of them are here:

DynamicsAXCommunity Powershell module

A Powershell module for automation of Dynamics AX administration.

AX TFS WorkItems

AX TFS WorkItems - Checkin

AX TFS WorkItems extends the integration between Dynamics AX and Team Foundation Server. It allows – directly from the Check in dialog in Dynamics AX – to choose and run a query for TFS work items and to link one or more work items to the current changeset.

Developed for AX 2009 and TFS 2010.

More details + download: on a separate page.

Accessor Methods Generator

Accessor Methods GeneratorAccessor Methods Generator is my favorite tool. It extracts information about all member variable from ClassDeclaration (and from all ancestors, in case of classes) and display it in a grid. Then, a  programmer can mark some variables, set properties and generate accessor methods (typically parm*() methods).

A method can be opened by a double-click directly from the infolog containing generation results.

Tested in AX 4.0 and AX2009.

More details + download: Axaptapedia.

Data reference searcher

I have been forced to write Data reference searcher for one AX upgrade. We decided to move one whole module to another layer (spliiting of a layer containing two modules) and it was necessary to update references to table IDs, class IDs etc. (a typical example is DocuRef).

Data Reference searcher allows to find defined values in all database fields with a given data type.

Its usage consists of several steps. First, you have to choose a data type, e.g. TableId. Second, let generate a list of all fields with this data type (type inheritance is supported). Fields can also be adjusted manually. Then, you have to define values for searching – either manually or by a generator (e.g. you can find all table which names begin with a specific prefix). The searcher will subsequently try to find all values in all defined fields.

Although the main purpose is to find IDs/names of application objects, you are not prevent from searching for, let’s say, a ledger voucher number.

For AX 2009 only.

Mode details + download: Axaptapedia.

Table methods generator

This generator simply takes a primary key (defined in table properties) and generates the methods find(), exist(), txtNotExist() and checkExist() based on it. No configuration is available, however you can adjust the source code easily (it’s very transparent).

Mode details + download: Axaptapedia.

Startup Tool

I wrote Startup Tool for AX3 long ago – my main motivation was to have an automatic start of Tabax for a user group.

Startup Tool allows to define menu items to run during launching of AX. It can be set for all users, a user group or a specific user.

For some scenarious, it would be good to distinguish what should be run during an application start and what when a new workspace is created – but I’ll implement it, when I need it. 🙂

More details + download: Axaptapedia.


  1. Just wondering how far you are from releaseing this (if at all)> I am implementing a TFS integration solution for a Dynamics client, and would really love to try your AX TFS WorkItems tool, as it is the one thing that is missing for us.

    If you are not pursuing this any further, then that is cool. Just wondering how you are going with it.


    Richard Angus

    • Hi Richard,
      the development is finished and I’m not currently working on new features. I wanted to publish it under an Apache license on CodePlex but I realized there can be a license issue with a code developed by Microsoft (e.g. the Check in form itself). I’m in touch with Microsoft on the Partner forum, but I cannot forecast when will it be resolved. To be honest, I don’t know how to resolve at all.
      Anyway, one thing is to publish something as open source and another thing to send it privately. I’ll send you an e-mail so we can discuss it.

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