Customer Experience Improvement Program dialog

If you create a script that runs AX client, e.g. to compile CIL, you might find that it gets stuck immediately after starting AX. It’s typically because your build user is asked to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program. One option is to log as the build user and choose yes or no. But if the account doesn’t have permissions for interactive login, or you simply look for an easier way, you can set it directly in SysUserInfo.SqmEnabled field.

I remembered this problem, but I couldn’t remember at all where the options is saved. From now, I can always find it here. 🙂

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  1. Nice one, this helped us out a lot.

    SQL to perform this update for those who prefer to play in the DB below:

    update SysUserInfo
    set SqmEnabled = 1 --1 = no
    --2 = yes
    where SqmEnabled = 0 --0 = prompt

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