MVP Summit 2024

Microsoft MVP Summit is an annual conference in Redmond (USA), where Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) meet to share experience, learn about new features coming to Microsoft products and to give feedback to Microsoft on what works well and where attention is needed.

I just came back from this year’s one and want to share some recollections.

Discussions there are covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), therefore I can’t share what we talked about. But I won’t reveal anything surprising by saying that a lot of investment is going to AI (such as copilots).

There wasn’t much content on F&O as such, but I attended many sessions about Power Platform (Power Apps, Dataverse…). Because there were tracks about many technologies in parallel, I’m now catching up with recordings of what I couldn’t attend in person, either stuff that I work with (C#, GitHub) or new things to learn (AI).

I was coming to Redmond every year since 2013, but there were no in-person Summits in 2020-2022 and I skipped the one last year, therefore it was my first visit in five years. Several new MVPs were awarded in past years and I finally got a chance to meet some of them. I know some from events in Europe, but MVP Summit is often the only chance to meet MVPs from places like India or Australia.

And it’s not just about new people, but maybe even more about meeting old friends, both MVPs and from Microsoft.

Some pictures with fellow F&O MVPs:

F&O MVPs with Microsoft logo

The Microsoft campus and cities around have changed too. There are new Microsoft buildings (and the F&O team moved there) and a railway from Redmond to Bellevue will open in a few weeks. Next year, it’s going to continue to downtown Seattle, therefore one will be able to get all the way from SeaTac airport to the Microsoft campus by train.

And by the way, I often use the opportunity to visit some places in or around Seattle. This time, I went to Portland (Oregon), mainly to see the local Japanese garden.

Japanese garden - a pond and a waterfall

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