Weird behaviour after moving a form to another package

I recently had to move a form to another package, because we decided to extract some functionality to its own independent package. I moved files, built both packages and everything looked fine, so I started making changes for a new requirement. But later I noticed something strange in the form. When I opened the form, …

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X++ to CIL: Object must implement IConvertible

Somebody asked in Dynamics User Group forum about an error thrown by RetailCommonWebAPI running in a batch in AX 2012 (RetailCommonWebAPI in batch mode). I don’t want to discuss that particular problem here, but I want to show the underlying cause, because it’s actually quite tricky. What I’m discussing below is related to CIL generated …

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Operand types are not compatible

I managed to produce a really confusing error in AX 2012. Look at the following piece of code: MyExtendedDataType a, b; a = b; Pretty boring, isn’t it? There is nothing to fail… except that I got a compilation error: Operand types are not compatible with the operator. What? Actually it become quite clear as …

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Compile backwards

Today I noticed that Type hierarchy browser in AX 2012 R3 allows you to compile types backwards: Context menu in AOT supports only forward compilation. It’s possible that the feature is there for some time and it just took me long time to notice it, because I normally don’t compile code from Type hierarchy browser.