Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year! (To everyone who follows Gregorian calendar :)).

Let me look a bit at what I did in 2023 and what I expect in 2024.

I keep working for a large end-user company. I do a lot of different things there (X++, Azure Functions, code reviews, Powershell, DevOps processes and so on), but a lot of that is focused on the single company and it’s not to be shared with the community.

A new Dynamics community site was launched. It’s developed in a different way, which should make its development more agile. On the other hand, there are still quite a few bugs and missing features and their resolution has been slow so far. But progress is being made, so hopefully we’ll have a much better site at the end of 2024.

This year, unified development experience for F&O will become generally available. I still haven’t got chance to play with it too much, which is a pity. I’m keen to, hopefully it’ll change soon. Also, changes in storage pricing are expected in near future, which is an important topic for the new development/admin experience.

We can expect more and more convergence and integration of F&O and Power Platform. I made just a few Power Apps and flows in 2023, let’s see if there will be more in 2024.

In March, I’m going to attend Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond. It’s a conference for MVPs and Microsoft employees, where MVPs have a chance to meet each other and Microsoft product teams, learn about upcoming features, provide feedback and so on. The social part is important; there are people that I’d have never met in person if I didn’t attend MVP Summits. There were no summits in the era of Covid and I skipped it last year, therefore it’ll be my first summit since 2019.

In May, I’m going to DynamicsMinds conference in Slovenia. I gave a few talks there last year and it was a great event, so I’m happy to come again. I hope to see some familiar faces there!

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