A user session cannot be created

I installed AX2012 R2 CU7 with the demo data downloaded from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Solution Demos on PartnerSource. When I attempted to start the AX client, it threw the following error:

A user session on the server could not be created. Try to start the client again. If the problem continues, contact the Microsoft Dynamics AX administrator.

I also found the following message in the Event Log:

Unable to connect to an Application Object Server. A company name or server name may not be specified correctly in the client configuration, or the server specified may not be available.

I checked the setup and everything was all right. I also looked on internet, just to find that few other people ran into the same error – but I didn’t find any solution.

I thought that “user session on the server could not be created” might have referred to missing permissions for execution of CREATEUSERSESSIONS stored procedure but it wasn’t the case either.

Then I used the SQL Server Profiler to obtain statements sent to database – as expected, CREATEUSERSESSIONS was called. I copied the command (with all parameters) and executed it by myself. And it failed! The error was:

Procedure or function CREATEUSERSESSIONS has too many arguments specified.

It was easy then to find out that the extra argument was a partition ID. Partitions were introduced in AX2012 R2 and the database obviously was from a pre-R2 environment.

There are two data set on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Solution Demos:

  • Demo Data (used to restore VM-A v3 to original demo data state)
  • Demo Data (used to restore VM-A v4 to original demo data state)

Accidentally, I downloaded v3 without noticing there is another version available. When I downloaded and installed v4, everything started to work. I thought that v3 version was built upon AX2012 R2 too, however it doesn’t seem to be the case with the database.

The lesson learned isn’t only that I should be more careful about what I’m installing. The way how I managed to identify the problem is important as well and might help in other cases in future.


  1. Hi Martin,

    Recently i installed ax 2012 R2 and later restored the Demo database(i have downloaded correct version). And its all seems working fine. But i find couple of issues(probably its problem with my understanding about the accounts(Domain a/c, N/w service a/c or BCP A/c). issue is am able to deploy the reports using powershell (run as administrator). but when i click on validate settings in report server form its giving error “Make sure that SQL Server Reporting Services is configured correctly. Verify the Web Service URL and Report Manager URL configuration in the SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager.” I am sure the details available in report server form is correct, because when i open AX with “Run as administrator” if i perform same task then its successfully validating. I am using dedicated ax admin a/c then why i am still getting this error message, is domain admin rights are not enough. but i have installed ax sql serv with ax admin only which successfully installed.

    Even when i open System service accounts form (System adminstrator> setup> system)i am able to see my windows authentication details in BCP but whne i click ok its showing error “The alias/network domain entered for the Business Connector proxy is not valid.” Same thing if i try from run as administrator there is no error. In both the cases Alias and n/w domain details are same in this form.

    If you have any idea please help me out, anyways this is not making any issues so far to work on.

    Thanks in advance.


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