AX2012 R2 Demo V3.0

Microsoft recently released new virtual machines with preconfigured AX2012 R2 (and a lot of other stuff): Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Solution Demo Package V3.0.

I’ve already installed the main machine and I would like to share two warnings:

  1. If you run Hyper-V 2.o (Windows Server 2008), you can’t import the virtual machine – you have to create a new one and use the provided virtual disk. See Setup Instructions document for details.
  2. It requires a lot of resources. I had no troubles on my machine with the previous version, but this one immediately took all resources, including complete capacity of 4 processors (2.4 GHz). Fortunately, killing SharePoint helped me to get to some normal numbers.
    It’s also obvious that 6 GB of RAM (that successfully I used for the previous version) aren’t sufficient anymore – Microsoft recommends 16 GB.