Pub chat about AX and ALM (London)

A friend of mine asked my to have a chat with him about application lifecycle management in Dynamics AX (especially version control, project management and automated build, based on TFS). I think it would be a bit wasteful to do it for a single person, and other people could bring other points of view. Therefore I would like to invite you to join us, if you’re interested in these topics. Nevertheless please don’t expect any formal lecture – I call it “pub chat” for a reason. (That doesn’t mean that I won’t have my “laptop server” with me and won’t show anything in practice.)

I want to keep control over how many people will come (because this type of event wouldn’t work with a large crowd), therefore I’m not going to publish all details here. Just drop me an email, if you’re interested.

Basic information:

Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: Sunday, 20th September 2015
Time: afternoon, not precisely specified yet