1. Hey Martin, thanks for the share, it is indeed easier now.
    But please, how can i create a lookup on the list of classes or tables withing AX7 if they are not in UtilElement anymore ?

  2. Hi Martin,

    I had struck up in a requirement.I need to check whether the form is customized or not through the code and print some of the details in a document.

    Example : If the form is customized means i need execute the condition 1,if not means i need to execute the condition 2.

    Anyone help me to achieve the requirement.

    Alex Jones AX

    • Hi Alex, sorry for the late response; I was on a vacation.
      The requirement sounds very strange to me. Can you please explain what you’re trying to achieve by that? Note that a discussion forum would be a better place for such questions, there are more people who can help you.

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