Cleaning up cross-reference DB

Development VMs for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations come with a cross-reference database that doesn’t match the actual code and metadata. There are many annoying references to Microsoft’s own test models, which aren’t included and therefore such references are useless and make finding real references more complicated. (The idea to get it fixed is quite popular and currently tagged as Planned).

I wanted a quick way to get rid of these references, therefore I simply deleted them from DYNAMICSXREFDB database:

    JOIN Names ON (Names.Id = [REFERENCES].SourceId OR Names.Id = [REFERENCES].TargetId)
    JOIN Modules ON Names.ModuleId = Modules.Id
    WHERE Module LIKE '%Test%' AND Module <> 'TestEssentials'

It ran for seven minutes on my local VM (with database recovery mode set to Bulk-logged).

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