Splitting .xpo files

I got an .xpo file from an older version of AX with some code of interest and because it had a few thousand lines, it wasn’t exactly easy to navigate. At least splitting it by object would make my life much easier.

Fortunately I looked at the internet and found exactly the right tool for this task: xpoTools.

It’s not well-documented, but what I needed didn’t require much anyway. After installation, I simply ran the following (Powershell) code:

cd c:\Temp\XPO\
ls *.xpo | Import-Xpo | Split-Xpo -Xpp

Import-Xpo parses xpo files to objects expected by Split-Xpo, which creates a file for every object. The -Xpp flag means that the result are not .xpo files, but rather more readable files with pure source code (without all those # characters and things like that).

This might be the last time I used this tool, but it did help me today. As often, a single search on internet saved me a lot of time.

Thank you, mazzy.


  1. This was very helpful. Thanks for giving the needed information.

    Just a quick note for others – for a file of size 2.5 Mb it will took me almost 5 minutes of staring at the screen before it was completed. The whole process runs silently so be patient!

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