Security API

The product that used to be called Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (I truly don’t know how I should call it these days) allows defining security elements both by developers (delivered together with code) and by power users though GUI (stored in database). You may have a need to work with security objects in code and you want to get information from both sources. An API providing a unified view would be handy.

I’m not going to cover it in detail, but let me show you an example: an iteration of security privileges and getting information about security permissions contained in privileges:

using Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Security.Management.Domain;
class SecurityApiDemo
    public static void main(Args _args)
        var privilegesRepo = SysSecurity::GetSecurityRepository().Privileges;
        var privEnumerator = privilegesRepo.LoadAll().GetEnumerator();
        while (privEnumerator.MoveNext())
            Privilege privilege = privEnumerator.Current;
            setPrefix(strFmt("Privilege %1", privilege.Name));
            var grantEnumerator = privilege.ActionMenuItemGrants.GetEnumerator();
            while (grantEnumerator.MoveNext())
                MenuItemGrant grant = grantEnumerator.Current;
                info(strFmt("%1 (%2)", grant.Name, grant.Grant.ToString()));

Apart from ActionMenuItemGrants, there are also DisplayMenuItemGrants, OutputMenuItemGrants, DataEntityGrants, ServiceOperationGrants and DataModelGrants.


  1. Hi ! How did you find the “LoadAll” method for the IReadOnlyPrivilegeRepository object ?
    VisualStudio doesn’t give any hint on any method to call and I can’t find any documented api online.

    Thanks for the great work !

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