MCP Wallet Card

MCPs (Microsoft Certified Professionals) can order so called “Wallet Card”. I wanted to test how it looks and works and the card arrived yesterday, so let’s take a look at it…

Wallet Card is a plastic card resembling a credit card and it’s not intended for giving away (you even can’t order more than one). It also doesn’t contain too much information (you can choose nothing more than a certification logo, a photo and additional certifications on the back side):

Front side

Back side

The point is the color code on the back side. You can scan it by a camera in a mobile phone and get a link to a virtual business card.

On the back side of Wallet Card is a link to page, which automatically recognizes the type of your phone and offers a proper application version to install. When you come across a Wallet Card then, just run the application and press “scan”:

focus on the color code on Wallet Card:

and when the application recognizes the code, a virtual business card is shown:

To get it work, you have to be connected to internet and to have a virtual business card configured for using with Microsoft Tag:

Both virtual business card management and Wallet Card ordering can be accessed from (in Promote Yourself section).

Wallet Card costs just under nine US dollars and mine arrived to Denmark roughly in a fortnight. I don’t think it’s too useful but it’s all done very nicely and we could have fun with it on conferences. 🙂


  1. Nice! I have a wallet card that comes with MCT status, and it also lists the MCITP. But this one looks nicer. I may have to order a new one 🙂
    Although I have noticed the MCP website has trouble with AX 2012 certifications. You can’t get a logo or cert planner or anything for 2012 yet. They only recently fixed that you can actually print the cert itself… So maybe I should wait to make sure it’s on the wallet card! 🙂

  2. I also noticed the problem with AX2012 certifications, but the the AX version is not stated on the card, so it was not relevant to me. But AX2012 certifications should be visible on the virtual business card and they aren’t, as you correctly mentioned.

  3. Hi, Martin,

    Congratz first of all, its really nice.

    Can you also point something about how we can achieve that level, any specific things that we should do. i know there could be lots factor but i would be nice to heared some of them from you.


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