AX2012 Windows 8 App Developer Starter Kit

Microsoft just launched an open-source project called Dynamics AX 2012 Windows 8 App Developer Starter Kit. As its name suggests, the project is about developing Windows 8 applications that communicate with Dynamics AX 2012.

It currently contains one sample application and a guide describing its development. The sample application displays AX alerts for a given user – it looks like this:

The application uses just AIF and Windows Store project in Visual Studio – the Starter Kit is (at least in this moment) about demonstrating how to develop Windows 8 apps, not about implementing any special libraries for AX-Win8 projects.

According to information on Codeplex, Microsoft plans to add additional sample applications and tutorials in future.

I successfully followed the guide and built the sample application using AX2012 R2, TCP adapter (the guide uses HTTP) and Visual Studio 2012 Express. The only trouble was that the guide expects that the type of WorklistService.EventAlertForUserServiceFindResponse.EventAlertForUser property is AxdEventAlertForUser, while it was generated for me as AxdEntity_EventInbox[], so I had to adjust some code accordingly.

Update: Because there is a problem with downloading the files from Codeplex, you can temporarily download them directly from here:


  1. Great article. How were you able to download the kit and samples? I get this message “Access to this file is limited to project members.”

  2. Bryan, I’m currently getting the same error – maybe there’s some maintenance in progress or something. By the way, I’m still able to download the application from the Source Code tab.
    Let’s wait few hours and if it doesn’t get resolved, I’ll send you the guide by e-mail and inform the project owner. (I can’t send it right now because I have it at home).

    • Hi Martin, still getting the “Access to …..” error. I have tried to post on the project but no reply. is it possible to get the guide from you?
      Thank you in advance

  3. workListFindReponse = await workListSvc.findAsync(workListQuery);
    this line giving an error saying communication not found

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