Empty startupCmd in AX2012

Recently I had some troubles with one AX2012 environment – startup commands simply didn’t work. AX client started, but that was all.

Debugging showed that startup() method in Info class didn’t receive any command text at all:

After some more investigation I noticed that it does work if I use another configuration file:

The difference between those two configurations is here:

logdir,Text,%USERPROFILE%\Microsoft\Dynamics Ax\Log\

If extracmdline,Text,-Development (which opens AX directly in Development Workspace) is included, startup commands are ignored. If extracmdline is empty, everything works as usual. It behaves in the same way in both AX2012 and AX2012 R2.

It’s easy to avoid such configuration files… as soon as you know that you should.


  1. Some stuff you just have to experience, right?!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Philippe V

  2. Indeed! I have seen this thing a couple of months ago while creating build scripts for Ax 2012.
    Logged an issue with Microsoft for this but in the end came to the same conclusion as you do now.

    Kinda relieved that we’re not the only ones experiencing this 🙂
    In fact simple solutions but time consuming to fix (until you know where to find it :))

    We now have a similar annoying issue with importing XPO files, seems like importing XPO’s sometimes misses fields on relations. (Which is actually causing our build process to fail until now)

    kind regards,

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